Socovena & Mapla offers a variety of processings to satisfy all specific needs of the customer such as quilting, coupling, embroidery, needling, cutting into strips, etc.

fintapelle trapuntata per nautica


Socovena&Mapla offers the possibility to quilt in a H.F. welding system all kinds of eco leathers. Many designs are available from which to choose. This H.F. welding system can be applied also on the quilting of custom-made logos.


- Coupling of different thickness from 2mm to 8mm
- MTP density 22 kg /m3
- Possibility to add a protective lining to the MTP either in Jersey of -Polyester either in TNT in Polyester
- Possibility to couple two materials between them
- The coupling can be processed by heat or adhesive film.


All products can be ordered to Socovena&Mapla cut into strips of various sizes.


Some articles may be required self-adhesive such as soundproofings, Mapla Socoslip, acrylic products and light eco leathers.


All coated products, maximum width 250 cm, may be required perforated with different types of drilling


On request, it is possible to print logos on all surfaces coated in PVC.

fintapelle nautica trapuntata impermeabile