Tyvek reflecta


Product Description

TYVEK® Reflecta is Dupont product with a sandwich structure of high tenacity polyethylene. Its features are: 100% waterproof, 100% breathable, recyclable, machine washable, keeps you dry, it does not create condensation, stops 98% of UV rays preventing discoloration of the underlying products. Breaks down the up to 30%.
Tyvek ® is a trademark Dupont

Fields of application


Roll Width: 152 cm
Roll Length: 100 lm
Composition: Polyethylene
Weight: 59 gr
Thickness: 175 μm +/- 70 μm
Level of breathability: 1100 g/mq/24h +/- 300 g/mq/24h
Water column 170 cm +/- 20 cm


Warranty conformity in accordance to the European standards in quality assurance